We believe we can make a difference in the life of so many scientists, engineers, business people and young graduates, who are moving into the employment market.

Being a partner of academia, following up on trends at universities and in business schools, we understand the key drivers of the life sciences job market.

Matching young talent with the exciting and growing business industry, remains a balancing act, where HR One Group plays a crucial role as advisor, supporter and match maker.

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Young MD summit

Imagine a brilliant Medical Doctor, who is curious about a career change. Or a trauma surgeon, who does not find the same passion in the ER anymore as before. What if you want to apply your clinical knowledge into today’s business.

Medical Doctors are highly in demand within the life sciences industry. But the truth is; they are hardly aware of their employability. Definitely not within the pharmaceutical industry.

This is where HR One Group comes in. At HR One Group, we can provide insight in the myriad of possibilities and opportunities. Over the last 10 years, we actively managed the turnaround of careers of several Medical Doctors. Our annual Young MD Summit provides a real-life panel discussion with MD’s, who open up about their personal experiences, career change, past en current position and the thrills of transitioning.

hr one group job fairs & conferences

Job fairs & conferences

At HR One Group we mingle and network to attract the very best in the market. At job fairs and conferences, we meet our potential candidates and future clients.

It is our job to interview, inform and prepare young potentials for their new career in life sciences. Follow up on our website, where the next job fair is happening.

Training on demand

At HR One BrightMinds we believe in life long learning.
In order to increase specific skill sets and competences, HR One Group collaborates pragmatically with experts, freelance trainers and accredited training institutions to offer the specific learning development needed.

Thanks to regular evaluations of its consultants, our organisation ensures a learning climate. The elaborate focus on training enables both parties to thrive well in their working environment.
As employability is key in their career, HR One is convinced that this service is instrumental to both the consultant and the industry in which the consultant is employed.

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