Executive search

Through us you have access to a vast and actively managed network of professionals. We follow up on young scientists and clinicians willing to make the move to the industry. And we meet the industry’s finest leaders through a number of specific initiatives such as attending world-class therapeutic and scientific congresses.

We make sure to deliver candidates thanks to a well-defined methodology:

  • Identifying your organization’s needs
  • Finding the very best
  • Approaching candidates
  • Assessing the competences
  • Ensuring closure
  • Following-up with the new hire in his/her new environment

Project staffing

BrightMinds brings expertise to your company. Flexibility and innovation increase through insourcing of medical, scientific, clinical, technical and business resources.
BrightMinds consultants bring excellence in clinical operations, regulatory affairs, medical affairs, market access, sales & marketing, R&D, lab, quality & safety departments.
BrightMinds consultants are focused, eager, agile and flexible, providing expertise where needed.
Through continuous coaching and development, they grow in each role and with each assignment.

we understand the business you are in

We understand the business you are in

We have a strong delivery team

Research team & owner operating model

we have a strong delivery team
the right process that provides talent in short deadlines

We have the right process that provides talent in short deadlines



Trust & Partnerships


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15 Years experience

Filled over 1500 positions
Hosted over 40events
Popped more than 1000 bottles of champagne to celebrate our success
Participated at more than conference50 medical conferences
Assisted over 250 medical doctors and clinicians to join the industry
Interviewed over 10.000 scientific candidates & experts

Executive market mapping

Making an informed decision for current and future hirings.

Market Mapping is outlining the employment set up of the current market. Executive market mapping provides our clients with tailor made, in-depth market intelligence analysis of the candidate pool.

Through this methodology – in a confidential manner - our client can find out what available talent is suitable for the job in the current business environment.

HR One Group proposes this executive search solution for companies who:

  • desire a market overview without the need of an immediate hiring, but being ready for a fast executive placement in the future
  • are in succession preparation within a solid team
  • are in need of a hiring, but unsure if the ideal candidate exists in the market
  • intend to expand or launch into a new market or geographical location and want to understand the talent pool

hr one group talent benchmarking

Talent benchmarking

HR One Group offers this executive search solution by offering a short list of external candidates, which can be benchmarked against the potential internal candidate. The same service can be rendered when internal candidates are in the process of being identified and additional sourcing needs to progress externally.

Talent assessments

Our evidence based testing & assessment tools are developed by an expert provider, offering you clear and objective information in an efficient and transparent way on performance, behavior, motivation and competency questions. With the e-Assessments, evidence-based answers - in your language and supported with outstanding graphics - are tailored to your demand.

Salary benchmarking

Salary benchmarking is vital for a successful hiring. Because pay varies widely by sector, it allows our clients to establish whether their remuneration packages are in line with the rest of the market. But getting this information can be difficult. At most senior or specialist levels where there are fewer roles to compare, the information is not widely available.

HR One Group has a salary benchmark methodology that gives a complete breakdown of the compensation package, allowing companies to compare salary and benefits within specific sectors and named companies. So it’s an exact science, more than say a salary survey.

Career coaching - Career transition

When it is time for change, we can help. For companies who want to support their employees transitioning into a new career, we offer a tailor-made career coaching service.

Due to our strong knowledge of the employment market and the challenges of the life sciences industry, we are professionally equipped to smooth this transition. Thanks to a strict methodology, we are able to decrease the transition times, making sure to focus on the right opportunities and helping with the preparation of interviewing, negotiating and closing the new employment agreement.

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