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Medical Science Liaison BELUX

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To provide medical affairs support to external customers and establish on-going liaison with key stakeholders, especially Key External Experts to ensure that significant field-based developments in the pain area are identified and monitored. To act and be recognized as the company expert in the nominated therapeutic area and provide input to Sales, Marketing and Market Access.


  • Identify key medical science information, market opportunities and threats in the area of pain management , inspired by contacts/needs assessments with health care professionals and by other sources, and provided to the management team so to help appropriate strategic decision making
  • Building and implementation of local/regional medical strategy to fit the expectation of HCP/Patients needs & expectations (webinars, regional scientific events, staffs, KEEs mapping and engagement strategy, publications…)
  • Implementation of medical department driven projects and activities in which win-win stakeholder collaborations (partnerships) are key to its success
  • Support and facilitate company and investigator sponsored trials, in the country according to internal/external rules
  • Act as a point of contact for unsolicited information requests on company products / PV follow-up when needed
  • Conduct internal trainings on medically relevant topics
  • Attend relevant scientific meetings and congresses, organise scientific local/regional events
  • Gathering scientific and medical information related to the medical topics/field for the continuous medical strategy development
  • Proactively identify and develop long term peer-to-peer relationship with KEE and other relevant stakeholders in order to understand their needs, segment them accordingly and implement targeted approach and tactics in order to present medical data in the most efficient way

Additional responsibilities:

  • Act in compliance within the overall company quality principles, values, and applicable policies of our company
  • Ensure confidentiality regarding information relating to individuals and company plans
  • Be responsible for managing specific projects in agreement with/as directed by the Medical Manager
  • Ensure all feedback on relevant matters is relayed to the Medical Manager
  • Communicate with Medical Manager on a weekly basis to discuss progress on objectives/projects
  • Update health care professional databases
  • Communicate to the Medical Manager on status of performance against objectives
  • Report Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) and product quality issues to the company’s regulatory staff


  • Scientific/Medical background at university level, preferably Medicine or Life-Science area
  • Experience in Medical Affairs and/or Medical Information areas is a plus
  • Experience in presenting data 2-3 years of experience in hospital or sales function is an asset
  • 5+ years experience in field-based pharmaceutical industry is preferred
  • Knowledge of regulatory rules/compliance
  • Understanding of commercial and healthcare environment
  • Comprehensive understanding of pain physiology
  • Capability to search for the appropriate source of information on who is impactful on key business domains (formularies, influencing other physicians/students/payers, prescription level, …)
  • Building trust and confidence with stakeholders
  • Excellent communication skills, including presentation , active listening, negotiation, convince, impact, peer-to-peer
  • French/Dutch native speaker; very good knowledge of English and basic understanding of the other language
  • Appropriate computer skills and working knowledge of standard software tools


  • Result oriented
  • Ability to work on multiple tasks simultaneously (ability to organize and prioritise)
  • Project management skills
  • Flexible, independent and proactive working style
  • Self starter and team player


Executive search


Minimum 3 years


University Degree


Dutch, English, French


Pharmaceutical industry



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