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Associate Responsible for Information & Publicity

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The Responsible for information and Publicity (RIP) (as defined by Belgian Royal Decree) is called Nominated Signatory (NS) in the company.

Currently the NS Team is made up of one NS (= RIP) and one NS associate. The company is currently looking for a second NS Associate.

Nominated Signatory Team

Who are we and what are we doing?

We are a team of two people and we’re looking for a colleague. We’re responsible for:

1. all communications done by the company to healthcare professionals regarding scientific information and publicity of medicines in Belgium & Luxembourg

2. guaranteeing that all stakeholders in compliance matters within the company are well trained and follow local pharmaceutical legislation and code of conduct of pharmaceutical industry ( & IML).

3. ensuring a quality system guaranteeing the proper management and delivery of samples of medicines, compiling and sending yearly a sample report to the competent authorities (FAMHP).

We check the conformity to the Belgian and Luxembourg pharmaceutical legislation of these company activities:

1. all meetings organised by the BeLux affiliate (including promotional meetings, non-promotional meetings, advisory boards, scientific events, Mdeon visum obtained, ...) and service fees granted to the Consultants (both HCP and non-HCP consultants)

2. all sponsorships and donations to Health Care Organisations and Patient Organisations

3. all promotional materials

4. all changes in the scientific leaflets of our medicines, together with the Regulatory Affairs department

5. preparation, verification, and submission to the Belgian and Luxembourg authorities of all transfers of values from the Belgium and Luxembourg  affiliate to Health Care Professionals, Health Care Organisations and Patient Organisations

We use the following computer systems in our daily job:

          Microsoft office applications, Veeva CRM for approving the meetings/events, Veeva Vault Promomats for approving promotional material, company portals, and Mdeon portal

Nominated Signatory Associate will work within a small team, he/she will receive specific trainings and support from her/his colleagues.

NS associate provides support to the Nominated Signatory, including the (pre)-approval of specified materials and activities linked to promotion, interactions with Health Care Professionals and Organisations and other related areas such as non-promotional health education materials.

After a solid training, she/he will also be responsible to answer GDPR questions with the support of global.

There is a clear opportunity to grow in this role, with increasing responsibilities across the different areas in scope

Education & Qualifications


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • A solid understanding of the legislation on promotion, the deontological code and practices and their application to health care professionals
  • Good understanding of business, commercialization and marketing of medicines
  • Good knowledge of Dutch, English and French
  • Excellent computer knowledge: Word, Excel,

PowerPoint, outlook, internet


  • Master’s degree, preferably Master of Science in pharmaceutical care or development
  • knowledge of GPDR

Skills & Experience


  • Learning skills (eager to learn)
  • Ability to work in cross-functional teams
  • Minimum experience of 2 years within the pharmaceutical and/or medical device industry in medical/RA, scientific or clinical development departments
  • Strong communication skills
  • Experience in administrative tasks
  • Team player


  • Previous experience in an administrative (office-based) position within a pharmaceutical company
  • Previous experience in Responsible for information and Publicity or Compliance fields


Internal (to the company or team)

  • Nominated Signatory Team
  • Brand Managers (marketing team)
  • Commercial team
  • MAMs/MSLs/MALs (medical affairs team)
  • Regulatory Affairs Manager and Officer
  • Compliance Manager
  • Assistants of marketing/sales and medical departments
  • Regional and functional management team

External (to the company)

  • KEEs (Key external experts)


Executive search


Minimum 2 years


Master's Degree


Dutch, English


Pharmaceutical industry



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