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We always enjoyed working together

As chief legal officer, also responsible for human resources, I have collaborated intensively with HR One Group for a certain number of key strategic positions within Hyloris. The team has been able to source strong entrepreneurial talent both in the US and in Belgium. We always enjoyed working together and were very happy with their strong work ethics and excellent business sense.

Koenraad Van der Elst
Chief Legal Officer, Hyloris


Understanding our company culture

For scaling miDiagnostics and building a future proof leadership team we found a solid partner in HR One Group through their strong network and experience in life sciences. Their ability in understanding our company culture was instrumental in reaching the right candidates.

Evelyn Willems,
VP Talent, miDiagnostics

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HR One group is the “guiding star” team

My personal experience with HR One group started at the most difficult point of my career when I had to leave my home in Moscow after the war in Ukraine had broke out. My dear Belgian colleagues proposed to me a professional relocation to Liège to become a member of the C-level management team of the medical IT company. Charlotte Peters, managing partner of HR One group and the negotiations taskforce leader, has immediately grasped all of the details of the situation and provided an onboarding roadmap encompassing business, professional, legal and personal conditions and requirements. Professional HR team under her guidance took a great care of all communications, meetings’ organization, liaising, frameworking of the contract, and - the last but probably the most important - of translating cultural and business specifics for the mutual comfort and transparency between the employer and the future employee. The group’s core professionalism augmented by the emotional intelligence brings trust to clients and helps businesses to grow and develop internationally.

Dr. Sergey Morozov, Chief innovation officer of Osimis S.A. (Liège, Belgium)
President of EuSoMII (2017-2018), CEO of Center for diagnostics and telemedicine (2015-2022, Moscow)


A Perfect Blend of Personal and Professional

From my first interaction, I had the sense that the HR One team was invested in my success as a candidate as much as in filling an open role. I am in the US and the company I joined is in Belgium, but with the help of HR One, the interview process and my eventual transition to joining Hyloris went smoothly. The team was capable and communicative, keeping me updated on where we were in the process, and I felt supported throughout. It was truly a pleasure to work with the HR One team!

Kristi Norris
VP of Regulatory Strategy at Hyloris Pharmaceuticals

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HR One can always give me a call

As I worked recruitment myself, I know how a good process looks like. From the first message up to the follow up calls, months after joining my new company: The approach of HR One is both professional and very personal. They helped me to make an informed decision without pushing in any direction. By default, I don’t pick up the phone when a recruiter calls me: HR One can however always give me a call.

Michiel Scholberg
Business Development Manager at Enhesa


It's like being welcomed into a family

To me, HR One Group stands out from other recruiters by the fact that they truly care about their candidates and guide them to the next step in their career, while supporting them every step of the way. Once on board, it's like being welcomed into a family. Even though the candidate is outsourced, HR One Group continues to surround them with support and care. They go to great lengths to meet their needs.

Lisette Moelard
Data Management Lead at Argenx

Lisette Moelard


references hronegroup van der elst

They are really focused on the candidate and his/her needs

Collaborating with HR One Group was one of my best experiences with recruiting companies. Interviews were taken in a very friendly atmosphere and focused on understanding my needs, experience and future plans rather than trying to adapt to a specific role. Juliette was always available and followed-up quickly on my questions. She monitored the hiring process, asking my feedback and making sure the role is what i needed at the moment. I never felt any pressure. They are really focused on the candidate and his/her needs. That's why I was placed succesfully in a role where I have been for almost two years now, and I am not thinking about changing any time soon. 

Justyna Nagaj
Senior Scientist CMC at Argenx


A refreshing approach in Medical Technology

HR One Group contacted me for a position of CEO at a health tech start-up company. I was positively surprised with their approach to discuss the needs of the company and to open up the search to profiles beyond the health tech world. I felt very comfortable with the way they introduced both parties and the guidance provided during the selection process. The process ended by hiring 2 C-levels and I was pleased with it. 

Peter Morel
CEO of Osimis

peter morel osimis ceo


references hronegroup van der elst

Professional & Personal 

My first contact with Charlotte was a 30-minute phone conversation. Afterwards, I felt like she knew our organisation’s culture, values and structure since many years. She asks the right questions, fully understands our needs and has a great network! We found our candidate within a very short timeframe of 2 weeks… What a great experience, not only professionally but also personally!

Lili Martens
HR & Legal Coordinator SOS Kinderdorpen




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